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Vicki Harding C.Ht.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Mission Statement 

"To empower within each person conscious awareness to positively change their thinking and behaviors for 
success, happiness, good health, positive self worth and inner  peace."

Vicki Harding C.Ht.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mind Coach

"Hypnosis Just For You"

Vicki has been helping people find authentic empowerment through hypnosis for the past 18 years. She has made it her personal passion to help others transform, grow and heal.  Which has helped hundreds of people on their personal path to freedom, health and happiness. Vicki's hypnotherapy business is almost entirely based on referrals from happy and satisfied clients. She also, has been a facilitator for many healing, weight management and past life regression group classes.  Vicki has an amazing success rate with her clients' that is so clearly illustrated in their written testimonials. In addition to hypnosis, Vicki has many amazing healing tools available, as she utilizes her intuition to create a personal and powerful program for each individual client. By following this inner guidance, she has created a very empowering, successful program that promises to enrich the lives of everyone she sees!

~ In 2000, Vicki became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She received her hypnotherapy certificate from the Atwood Institute for Research and Education.  

~ In 2001, Vicki also received a certificate from The National Guild of Hypnotists as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

~ In 2002, Vicki became a Certified HypnoBirther

HypnoBirthing Taught & Certified by  Marie Mongan

~ In 2002, Vicki earned a Certificate: "Working with Cancer Patients", from The Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis.  For Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques.

All clients are treated with the up most respect, honesty and integrity!  Your values and beliefs are respected and all information is confidential!


Reflections ~ Testimonials

Read what Vicki's clients have to say:

Thank You!

Vicki,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  My mother came to see you March 17th.  You had a session to help her quit drinking.  You saved my mothers life and I cannot thank you enough!  She has had severe medical issues from alcohol abuse and now she has quit drinking.  You are truly an angel.  I cannot express enough gratitude for saving my mothers life.

Kind Regards,
Grateful Daughter


Last month I came to you with an open mind, a willingness to end my dependence on tobacco products and the honest desire to quit smoking and chewing tobacco.  I spent a couple of hours with you and when I left your office, little did I know that I had made one of the best decisions of my life.

Today, I have been free of all tobacco products for 23 days!  I have not had a single craving, even thru some rather stressful life moments.  Amazing!  I have been smoking and chewing tobacco for 30 years, with feeble attempts to quit in-between.  They say 21 days creates a habit and I have created a GOOD ONE.

I have shared my story with all of my friends and family.  Even the most skeptics of skeptics have applauded my success.  Thank you for this amazing gift.

Tina Stine
Hi Vicki,

Just wanted to let you know 8 weeks non smoker. Thank you for the help. I will post on your website soon.

BA from Phoenix


Hello Vicki,
I wanted to thank you for seeing our son, Brandon.  He felt very comfortable in your office and with you.  He's had 2 baseball games and was quite successful in the last one.  It really built his confidence and we are continuing to build on that positive experience.  He's listened to your CD's before each game.  I appreciate having you as a resource for his sports anxiety.

Thanks again, Vicki!
Have an amazing week!
Happy Parents in Phoenix

"Dear Vicki,

"I wanted to let you know that I have been a non drinker for 4 months now.
I have lost 10 pounds just being alcohol free. My lipid panel was amazing, my tryglycerides dropped from 300 to 100!
The biggest challenge has been my family and friends that miss their drinking buddy.
I continue to remain committed to being a non drinker.
Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you and how you changed my life."

            ~ Happy Client in Arizona" *

"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your assistance in getting Diane to stop smoking.  It has now been four weeks and she has not smoked in all that time.  Additionally, she has not gained any weight – she substituted going out for short walks for smoking."

Thanks, again!
Her husband Larry
Phoenix, Arizona

"Hi-there Vickie, I hope that this message finds you well.  I just wanted to take a minute, so, to reach out to you and convey my most sincere, deepest, and heartfelt thanks!"      ~Client in Arizona~

"Just wanted to thank you, Vicki, for seeing my daughter on Thurs.  She has a big diving competition that starts next Thurs. in Los Angeles.  She was supposed to let you know that the last session allowed her to relax and focus during the AZ state high school championship and she won!
Thank you for your help."   L.W. in Arizona  ~ *

"I have not touched or craved a cigarette for one month!!!
Your method seemed to work the best!
Thank you! " J.C - Phoenix, Arizona  ~ *

 Just in the very short time since I (last) worked with you, I've taken note of a wonderful change in the way that I think, feel and act.  I would equate it to an 'Awakening' of pun intendedEmoji You've helped me make a significant change in my entire life experience that could have (potentially) taken me years to achieve...if ever.  For that, I thank you so much!  I am now among the ranks of believers - a believer in the therapy and healing that hypnosis provides."
                                   ~Warmest Regards, M.G. in Phoenix ~ *

"I remember the day I came to see you Vicki - March 19th - and I was very apprehensive. I told no one I was pursuing hypnosis for weight loss. Well now I tell everyone that will listen. I have lost pounds 54 pounds. I continue having control and love the healthy/positive choices that have become my new life. Exercise has become a way of life for me now which I look forward to. In the past not at all.

Thank you Vicki for putting me on the right track."
                                   ~ Linda, Arizona ~ *

"Hi Vicki, 
I am messaging you to let you know that in the first week I have lost 5 lbs, no carbs, no sweets. I feel much better and owe it to you!  Thank you!
Ps: no cravings"
  ~Derick in AZ~

"It is amazing how I just quit smoking after 20 years of 2 packs per day with just one session.  I feel positive and I have more energy. This is great and I think all smokers should come to see Vicki.  Everyone has noticed a big change in my attitude."
                                  ~ C.W.  Tempe, AZ ~ *

"Thank you so much, Vicki for helping me lose 70 lbs over 7 months.  My health has improved tremendously!  My Dr. says my blood pressure is now normal.  I enjoy being active and I have so much more energy!  I have healthy eating habits & I look and feel great!"
                                 ~Dee, Chandler, AZ ~ *

"I came to see you in September to stop smoking. I am still not smoking and know that I will never smoke again! It was so easy with you. I have tried to stop so many times and it has not worked. I have told all my smoking friends about you and when they are ready I am sure it will be you they call. I still go out with my smoking friends and it does not bother me one bit! Even from the beginning. They can't believe how well I'm doing and ask me every time I see them if I've still stopped. I tell them, that's it, it's done, I don't even crave it.
Thank you so much for your help."  N.G. ~ Arizona ~ *

"As a psychotherapist, I know that talk therapy can be helpful for  a variety of problems & personal development concerns.  However, for some ingrained patterns and long standing negative behaviors & addictions, methods like hypnotherapy can have a very quick & direct impact.  As someone who has referred clients to her with excellent results, as well as utilizing her services myself.   I can speak very highly of Vicki Harding's work, and encourage others to seek her out, if you have tried other methods & have not achieved the results you want."
                                 ~ Jeff P. LPC, in Mesa AZ ~ *

"Vicki, I just wanted to tell you a big thank you for helping me with my fibromyalgia.  After our sessions, I not only was able to get to sleep AND go back to sleep almost EVERY night for the last 2 years, but I was able to consciously relax when I was stressed.   As a result, my fibromyalgia is finally under control.  It has changed my life – and all without drugs….  I am so grateful I found you and hypnotherapy.  I tell everyone I know who experiences insomnia or fibromyalgia to try it out…"
                                ~ Diane Senffner- Arizona ~ *

"Five years and still going smoking. Went from a pack and a half a day for roughly 10 years. One session to nothing and still going strong! Still use the CD's every other month or so just to keep "the force" with me."
                                    ~ T.B. - Arizona ~ *

"I am so thankful that I finally decided to go get help with hypnosis!  With the personal care & guidance I received, I have let go of my past negative, debilitating behaviors.  I feel in charge of my life & enjoy social gatherings, relationships & even some public speaking!  I use to be captive in my own mind, so afraid to enjoy and live life."
                                ~ T.I.S.  Phoenix, AZ ~ *

" I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life, not having to deal with my phobia!  It was taking over my life, ruining my career & relationships with the people around me.  I now have control over my fears and worries.  I know now that I am responsible for what I am creating with my thoughts.  I now have the tools that help me. Thank you Vicki so much for helping me make the needed changes in my life."
                               ~ Jackee T, Phoenix, AZ ~ *

"Vicki, I wanted to reach out to you to share that you hypnotized me on December 9th, 2010 to help me with my smoking addiction.  I am so happy to say that I am still 100% smoke free.  My LIfe has changed and I want to thank you again.  Thank You!!!  (I also started running and going to the gym daily after the session.)  I refer you to others to help them on their journey to quit smoking."
                               ~K. N. ~ Phoenix, AZ  (December 2012) ~ *

"My hypnotherapy sessions were relaxing, enjoyable and extremely helpful. The sessions were also professional and effective which allowed me to achieve my goals. For a trusting, caring and competent approach I absolutely recommend Inquire Within Hypnosis."                                  
                                 ~ L.B.- Scottsdale, AZ ~ *

"I did not know that hypnosis would help me with my self esteem, but it did.  I finally let go the enraging anger within myself, that was literally eating me alive!  I felt useless and my opinion of myself was at it's lowest.  I was treating myself so badly with the things I was doing, as if I did not care.  After going through the forgiveness therapy, with Vicki's help, I was able to let go & heal.  Now I feel good about myself.  I am making good choices now & I can feel & see life in a whole new perspective!  What I difference it has made!
                               ~ Joe E. - Phoenix, AZ ~ *

"Releasing my fears has given me back my freedom.  I have more confidence and live with peace and contentment".                                   
                                ~ S.L.- Mesa, AZ ~ *

"My experience with hypnotherapy has helped me lose weight, eat health conscious foods and has given me the desire to exercise. I was also able, through regression therapy, to let go of painful events of the past. Hypnosis helped me raise my self-esteem and confidence."          
                              ~ M.C.- Scottsdale, AZ  ~ *

"I was under a lot of stress and was studying for a very important test to pass the final exam to get my securities license.  I had gone to school for many years & have put a lot of time & effort into this career.  I had a problem though with taking final exams.  I would get anxious & had such a horrible fear when taking important tests that I would freeze up & not remember the answers that I knew for sure.  With hypnosis and Vicki's help, she taught me how to relax, giving me a cue word that caused me to completely relax, keeping my mind clear to remember the answers quickly & accurately.  I emailed her that I passed the test and was excited in starting my career with a very prestigious company.  Thank you so much Vicki!"
                 ~ Sincerely Grateful - M.P. - Scottsdale, AZ
 ~ *          

"Vicki has helped me to discover and open up to my true life's purpose, through her amazing approach of guiding me to connect with my higher self and divine inner wisdom."
                            ~ G.T.- Mesa, AZ ~ *

"I am grateful that my wife led me to Vicki to get help.  With hypnosis I was able to let go of my horrible gambling habit that was wrecking my marriage, family and life.  I was on the edge of losing everything.  I was able to heal the cause of my bad habit and let go of my terrible past very quickly!  I let go of my angry, punishing emotions that were caused by guilt.  I am now able to feel my feelings and continually let go of the negative, staying on the path of treating myself good!  I am putting my life back together!"
                           ~ Grateful- Scottsdale, AZ ~ *

"Through a hypnosis session, I have changed my negative thinking!  I now choose positive thoughts and my life has opened up to a whole new beginning!  I find myself enjoying being with just me and feel better about my relationships.  I look at my job with a new attitude and find that I have increased my income potential!"
                           ~ W.L. - Fountain Hills, AZ ~ *

"Through regression & Ms. Harding's unique spiritual gifts & guidance I was taken back on a profound & beautiful journey.  I am only beginning to fully realize the tremendous impact of this experience.  I remain in awe of the power that this therapy has had on my life.  I am grateful for Ms. Harding's assistance in my healing."
                           ~ Robin - Mesa, AZ ~ *

"My doctor stated that I needed some blood work done, but all of my 45 years I have never had a shot before.  I had a deep seated fear of needles, until I went to Vicki, the hypnosis lady for help and now my fear of needles is gone!  And two years later I am now having acupuncture....Go figure!!  Thank you Vicki"
                            ~ JP - Phoenix, AZ ~ *

"Vicki, I have been meaning to email you FOREVER.  Here is the good news:
1. I scored very well on the MAT for graduate school - top 7% for my  field of study and top 12%  overall.  I owe much of this to you! 
2. I was ACCEPTED to Pepperdine.  I start on August 27th.  I am so excited.
3. I would like to schedule another session with you, how does your  appointment book look on the afternoon of Monday, July 27?" 
                             Thanks again so much,
                             ~ C. L. of Phoenix ~ *

"Hi Vicki, 
Elvis and I wanted to thank you for the role you played in helping us quit smoking.  This marks our 5th week of leading a healthy, smoke free life!"
                             Best Regards, 
                           ~ JN & EP - Phoenix ~ *

"Thank you so much for helping me over come my fear of driving!  My husband wants to thank you also, because he was overwhelmed in having to drive me and our children around all the time, especially now they are in sports.  I feel free to drive anywhere!  It amazes me how in just a few sessions my fear was gone.  It seems like a miracle, when everything else I tried failed.  Thanks again and again!"
                           ~  Melissa S,  Mesa. AZ~ *

"I want to shout out that I have finally beat my eating disorders with Vicki's help and hypnosis.  I was so depressed, thinking that I would never be able to over come them, when my doctor referred me to Vicki.  I am so pleased and happy with the results!  Thank you so much!"                                                      ~ Loving Life, Scottsdale, Arizona ~ *

"My anxiety was getting so bad, it was impossible to function on a daily basis.  I was reluctant to try hypnotherapy, but my doctor recommended I go see Vicki Harding the hypnotherapist.  It was my last resort and it proved to be the best thing I have ever done to change my life.  I learned so much about the mind and how my thoughts were creating more anxiety.  I am thinking more positive and do deep breathing to relax throughout the day.  I can now say, I am forgetting how miserable I use to be, because now I am doing great!  So thanks to my doctor sending me and more thanks to Vicki's healing help!"
                                ~  Best Wishes,  JR Gilbert, Arizona ~ *

"I had never flown before, because I was too afraid!!  But I had to fly back east for my grandmothers funeral and was in a panic mode.  My friend referred me to Vicki and said, she had helped her overcome her fears for public speaking, so I thought I would give it a try.  And wow, did it ever work!  I flew there and back and it was easy!  Now I can't wait to fly somewhere for fun!"
                                 ~ Chicken no more!  Glendale, Arizona ~ *

"My daughter, Susie had been in gymnastics for about 3 years and was doing well.  When out of the blue, she developed a fear for doing back flips without help.  The tryouts where approaching fast and she could not overcome her fears.  We were referred to Vicki by another satisfied gymnast and since her appointment, Susie is back to her old self flipping away.  It is amazing to me how the mind works and hypnosis can help with fears.  Anyway, we really appreciate all your help and hope she makes the tryouts!"
                                           ~ Nancy in AZ ~ *   

Hi Vicki,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me finally kick the smoking habit. It just keeps getting easier every day to say NO! I'm not drinking either and I'm already losing weight. I can't believe its been so easy! I feel great about myself! Thank you soooo much!

Warm Regards,
Gina *


"I just had to drop you a line to let you know how absolutely amazed and happy I am that I came to you to stop smoking…it’s been almost a month and I have not had one single craving or desire to smoke since I saw you. Most of my friends and family still can’t believe it. Thank you so much for your help! I just can’t express my gratitude! You are wonderful!

~Take care and thanks again!"  -    H.C. in Arizona *

*There are no guarantees you will achieve the same results as the clients testimonials, as the results may vary. But when you know what you want and you are ready to make the changes - you are in a very good place to  create it!   Hypnosis helps you to achieve it! *

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