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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Workbook ~ Help Change Your Life Today!
Awakening 101 Hypnosis "The Gift of Empowerment"

A workbook on how to help you release and heal from guilt and destructive behaviors. Living a healthier empowered life with positive self worth .  Also, giving you the tools to stay in a productive healthy lifestyle to help create your goals and dreams.

Imagine yourself more confident, happier  and living with inner peace.

Workbook includes:  43 pages of empowerment information, healing tools & 3  CD's for reinforcement.

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Awakening 101 Workbook & 3 CD's

Hypnosis CDs

Reinforcement CD's - Reprogram your  mind while listening to relaxing music, as positive thoughts and affirmations are being recorded in your subconscious mind.  See the positive results!

SALE on CD's:
$15 each
Package of 3 CD's - $35
Package of 5 CD's - $50

Personalized CD's  - $100

(shipping included in price)
 Available in Arizona Only

*Weight Solutions - 101

Help reprogram negative, sabotaging behaviors into good, healthy habits with hypnosis! Enjoy eating nutritious foods & small portions. Feeling satisfied with energizing thoughts.  Stay motivated.

*Exercise & Motivation - 102

Help jump start your energy levels into exercising and being active.  Have fun creating a new healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis can help you to get moving now!

*Quit Smoking - 103

Help stop smoking now! Hypnosis works! Reprogram the habit of smoking and take control of your health by making good, positive choices.

*Anxiety & Panic - 104

Help stop anxiety in it's tracks!
Reprogram your mind/body connection with hypnosis to stop the anxious thoughts.  Teach yourself the benefits of relaxation.  Focus on being calm, peaceful & stress free.

*Empowering Success- 105

Help give yourself the gift of positive thinking.  Reprogram negative thoughts and behaviors with hypnotherapy.  Awaken empowering feelings of self worth and confidence  Feel deserving of good health, happiness, abundance and success.  Includes positive affirmations
Session & CD Payments

If you'd like to pay for your hypnosis session(s) via credit or debit card, click on the Buy Now ButtonAccepting Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, Discover, Debit or PayPal. Now accepting 6 month interest free payment plans from PayPal.

Hypnotherapy -  One Power Session $240

Hypnotherapy - Two Power Sessions $300

Hypnotherapy - Additional or Child/Teen Session  - $100

Hypnotherapy -  One Session $180

Hypnotherapy - 5 Pkg. Discount $500

Hypnotherapy CD's

Please email me the name of the CD(s) you want at

You should receive your CD(s) within 5 to 7 days.  Thank you!

Hypnosis CD's available in Arizona only.
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*Stress Management - 106

Help release stress and allow yourself to deep breathe and relax with hypnosis. Teach yourself to look at life with a whole new perspective. Includes empowering affirmations.

*Memory & Focus - 107

Learn to focus & concentrate on what you are working on. Hypnotherapy can help raise your abilities to comprehend, understand and remember. Retain and retrieve at will.

*Restful Sleep - 108

Helping you fall asleep quickly -into a nice deep restful sleep.  Allowing your mind and body to just let go and relax throughout your sleep.

*Self Confidence - 109

Help increase your self esteem and find the inner security within.  Empower yourself with positive thoughts and feelings.  Increase your comfort levels to expand.

*Sales & Motivation CD - 110

Help to energize your motivation & thoughts into being assertive and engaged.  Hypnosis allows you to release sabotaging fears and thoughts.  Empower yourself to go for success!

*Great Golf CD - 111 

Go into the "relaxation zone" before you swing!  Use hypnosis and visualization to get the ball where you want it to go!  Enhance your golf swing and skills.

*Non Drinker CD - 112

Helping to stop the cravings for drinking alcohol by re-programming destructive unhealthy habits into good healthy habits.  Strengthen your coping skills and abilities into good choices.

*Stop Chewing Tobacco - 113

Help eliminate the habits of chewing tobacco.  Release the need for nicotine and allow your body to heal.

*Eating Disorders - 114 

Help change destructive eating habits & thoughts.  Allow a positive self image and accept the feelings and thoughts of a beautiful, healthy body.

*My Essence CD - 115

Helping you
to your inner sanctuary, connecting to pure love within.  Finding inner peace and comfort.  Connecting to your higher self, unconditional love & acceptance.

Personalized CD's - 201

You can listen to your own personalized hypnosis CD, reinforcing the positive affirmations and suggestions that you want!  Just email me what you want your CD to include and I will send you an invoice, where you can pay with most credit/debit cards or Paypal.  Cost $100

Your CD is about 30 minutes. You will receive your CD within 10 to 14 days.

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