Inquire Within Hypnosis
Vicki Harding C.Ht.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist



 A Hypnosis Power Session allows you to release and heal   any past issues that may be sabotaging your health,           happiness or success. Your hypnosis session raises your   awareness so you can deliberately create your goals and   dreams, giving you the tools and resources to cope and   overcome the obstacles that may come into your life.

 Your Power Session increases success with smoking   cessation, weight, fears/anxiety, stress, sleeping, etc.     Each and every client receives personalized care in order   to address specific issues and concerns. All sessions are   tailored to your spiritual and emotional needs.

Each Hypnosis Power Session includes:

* Utilizing Hypnosis to empower you with skills for success

* Releasing past, negative behaviors, fears & blocks

* Programming in healthy, positive thinking and habits

* Specific hypnosis CD(s) and a packet of empowering            resources

Applying the principles in "The Law of Attraction".  Plus, clear away the old sabotaging past issues you hold inside, blocking you from manifesting what you want and keeping you stuck!   You can apply the "Art of Allowing" for good health, happiness , success and making healthy choices in your life!  Plus teaching you the tools to maintain it!   All with hypnotherapy!

It is important to find a good hypnotherapist with years of experience!  Someone you feel comfortable with and can trust.  I would love to get to know you and become your personal hypnotherapist to help you accomplish your goals and dreams!  Give me a call to answer any questions you may have.

Begin Your Journey Today!  Experience Your Power!

 Vicki Harding C.Ht
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mind Coach

668 N 44th Street, Suite #300
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Office Hours - Monday ~ Friday 10 AM to 6 PM

*There are no guarantees, as the results may vary.  But when you know what you want and you are ready to make the changes - you are in a very good place to create it!
   Hypnosis helps you to achieve it!

Hypnosis "Just For You"
"I Choose Campaign with Hypnosis" also using " Hypnosis Forgiveness Therapy" for healing!

My Hypnotherapy Office is centrally located to: Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler,
Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, in Phoenix, Arizona

 Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for Success!  Finding a good Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist
 for Hypnotherapy in Phoenix Arizona?  "Yes I Can Empower My Success with Hypnosis"

  Other names for Hypnosis are Hypnotism, Hypnotist and to Hypnotize.  Also, Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  Are you ready?

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